Stairs, style, interior

Stairs. An essential building block for any two-tier or two-story space, largely determines the image of your interior. That is why the staircase is a zone of special attention, within which are the immutable laws of architecture. The design, material, color – all this forms the design of stairs, which ideally should match the style of interera.Tak, classical interior is associated with a massive wooden staircase. It is decorated with complex configuration balusters, volutes, flutings, carved fittings. The supporting string, if it exists, has a complex configuration, clean lines. Putting in a classic style can be decorated with stucco and decorated with wood paneling, niches with the same decorative elements as that of the wooden stairs. Country – the style is warm and cozy at home. It welcomed rustic, ceramic or wooden stage aged, dark wood surface with small cracks, or uncouth logs. On each side of the stairs hung copper woks, bunches of dried flowers or bundles of onions. Wrought iron fences are a traditional element of modern style and gotika. Naibolee common material for the manufacture of any stairway design – hardwood (oak, ash), and beech, pine, spruce, bereza. Ekzoticheskimi for the wooden stairs are walnut, cypress, Merbau, teak, bangkiray, Mogao and other woods. Regardless of the woods, all the elements (stairs, string, handrails, risers) should be glued as a monolithic timber quickly crack and warp. Relative humidity of dried wood for stair construction is 4-8% – in the living conditions measure the moisture will help a special device. All components are recommended to buy a company engaged in manufacturing of stairs, where they picked up on the decorative properties (hue, picture) and went through the same process. In the supporting structures of wooden stairs is not recommended to combine rock with a different coefficient of thermal expansion of fiber – over time ladder “swell” or “float.” Wooden ladders are processed stain and varnish. It can be as clear varnish, and various color tinting lacquers, enamels and paints. Staining procedure is carried out prior to assembly design. Save or not the natural color of wood, depending on your taste. Many people prefer toned wood, achieving its maximum matching color doors, flooring, or even window frames. Fans of uniformity should be remembered that the paint is erased. To restore the original appearance of colored nail polish will not be easy – when re-applying it dissolves the previous layer, and uniform color without the intervention of restorers, you will not get anywhere. If the tree is in the manufacture of ladders originally covered with transparent lacquer, the problem is solved by re-covering the owner at home. Even glued wood is prone to cracking, particularly due to changes in temperature. Therefore, manufacturers are engaged in manufacturing of ladders on the job and guarantee the normal service of a wooden staircase only under certain conditions of its operation. The room temperature should be maintained 20-22 ° C and relative humidity of 60-70%. In very dry weather it is recommended to use moisturizers. As a moisturizer can be applied not only to specialized equipment, but also various Shade plants (eg, “crying” lianas), as well as fountains, installed directly under lestnitsey. Lestnitsy should be protected from direct sunlight, stay well away from heaters. It is also necessary to exclude the probability of hitting on the part of the structure of water in the event of failure of water supply systems. These requirements are, unfortunately, are not met in almost 80% of cases of exploitation of wooden stairs. First of all, we are talking about the so-called “budget” staircases located in the suburban homes that are not heated in winter. But the corresponding result: stairs creak, crack, there are gaps in it. At the height of buildings over two floors only staircase in the house have to have a metal frame and metal or kosour same substrate steps, covered with fire-resistant paint. Wooden stairs, as well as wooden houses, have a period of shrinkage in a few months – perhaps after that you will have to adjust the mounting screws. The cost of the ladder depends on its size, design features, material performance, the complexity of manufacture of the project.